Know who passes through your space
to keep them safe

Easily gather records of people coming and going through your workspace, so you can monitor capacity and support track-and-trace in the event of any cases of COVID-19.


Simple to use — no app needed.

  • Easy check-in

    Visitors to your space only need to scan a simple QR code using their own phone, and enter some basic details.

  • Seamless for repeat users

    Details are remembered on-device, for single-click check-in on their next visit. No accounts or sign-up needed.

  • Check in guests as well as regular users

    Users can check in guests at the same time, by just adding their names.

  • Easy track and trace

    Aggregated check-ins can be used to easily notify other users who may be impacted in the event of an infection

Want to know more?
Try the demo.

Below is an example sign, affixed to the door of our space. Try it out:

Welcome to
Demo Space

All users and visitors must check-in by scanning the QR code below

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